We design signage for factories, buildings both residential and commercial that includes malls and multiplexes, township, railway stations, airports, hospitals and many other establishments

We design signage for factories, buildings both residential and commercial that includes malls and multiplexes, township, railway stations, airports, hospitals and many other establishments

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  • Vodafone Innovation:Date:

    Recent innovation done for Vodafone Happy To Help’ in Kolkata at two locations

    1) On a Gantry on Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata – Application of mind coupled with creative approach has accomplished the underlying purpose. A glimpse at the Gantry is bound to etch in our mind as if the girl is peeping over the fence on to the road beneath. Fundamentally, it is how one implements cut-out designs and the art of positioning in an outdoor medium.

    2) On a backlit board situated in Southern Avenue in Kolkata. – This is where creative thought yields a scene which guarantees the on-lookers to re-look with awe. Apparently it appears as if a torch fastened with the neck band is glowing in real life illuminating a book which is printed on the back drop. Quite contrary to any body’s first-hand impression, this innovation is all about less of technology and more of creativity and that draws the line. plan to carry out similar innovations soon in Kolkata. .....
  • BSNL:Date:

    Recently we have bagged a two year contract for BSNL outdoor campaign. The contract worth approximately two crore will span for 24 months covering major districts of West Bengal.
  • Kolkata Metro ::Date:

    Enkon feels privileged to have recently bagged the contract for way finding signages at the six newly constructed Metro Stations at Kudghat, Bansdroni, Briji, Naktala, Garia Bazar, Shahid Surya Sen & New Garia. This has opened a new dimension altogether and the company now looks forward to work in diverse sectors, catering to a wide range of industries. .....
  • Innovative Advertisement Bhubaneswar:Date:

    Enkon was behind this innovative advertisement for Vodafone in Bhubaneswar. A unipole was used to showcase Vodafone in a unique fashion. Vodafone billboards can be spotted frequently but this one came with a twist.

    The unipole had two different looks - one during the day and the other at night. Keeping it simple and eye catching during the day, the Vodafone name and logo were visible against a red background keeping the brand colour in mind. As night fell, the innovation came to light and the Vodafone name and logo alone were visible and it looked as if it was suspended in thin air. The whole unipole was completely dark while the name and logo was well lit making it stand out.

    Said Anirban Ghosh, Head - Business (OOH) of Enkon : "The self adhesive vinyl was stuck back to back. it was black and hence blocked all light. The vinyl was cut at the part with the name and logo so that only that part was illuminated. This was the first time an innovation like this was done on a back-lit unipole in Eastern India. The client was happy with it and we received a premium," he added.

    The innovation was carried out on a unipole at Jayadev Vihar facing a well known mall call Pal Heights. Ghosh revealed that Enkon does plan to carry out similar innovations soon in Kolkata.

  • ENKON Beautified Nabadiganta:Date:

    Enkon Pvt. Ltd is partnering Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority to give the IT Hub of Kolkata a modern look through several beautifications & infrastructure Development.
    Under the program, it was agreed upon that Enkon will beautify the IT Hub of Kolkata and will recover the cost through advertisement opportunity inside the area. Enkon is having complete advertising right presently in the area. The beautification program in this area includes planting of saplings & decorative trees like palms etc. This also includes converting canal side stretch running along Saltlake Bypass into a green verge with fountains, walkways, sitting arrangements, decorative lamps. The green verge is bordered using colorful totems. A total stretch of 8.5 km is already been beautified in the area. The medians throughout the area is being beautified carefully using different themes like roman styled pillars in white , deserts of Rajasthan in various colors, Dolphin & ball shaped fountain, artistic garden sculptures etc. Fence poles & Railings are being installed to facilitate pedestrians cross the roads through the zebra crossings only. The medians are also beautified using decorative lamp posts. Public messages are displayed on the kiosk present throughout the area to help authorities enforce regulations. The project also includes infrastructure development like passenger shelters, road signs (both directional as well as road safety), Police control rooms, Traffic signals, LED Video Wall Directional Sign etc. In due course, Food Courts, Foot Over Bridges, Public Toilets as well as Public Call Booths would also be developed. In its effort to clear up all unauthorized hoardings inside the area & maintain urban aesthetics, Enkon has reduced the total No. of hoarding from 250 (iron structures) to 22 Unipoles. Saltlake Sector V, the first IT Hub of West Bengal is a dream project of the State. Enkon is rendering its best resources to infuse a new dimension to Sector V from a visitor’s perspective. This essentially integrates exhaustive beautification & infrastructure specific jobs coupled with strict regime of upkeepment & maintenance. The total IT Hub is about 486 acres out of which only 50% is complete & the balance work is under progress. The exact statistics of the progress done in Nabadiganta till May 2009 is as following: Total Stretch Beautified: 8.5 km, Total length of Railings installed: 2 km (Saltlake Bypass), Total Length of Fence Pole installed: 7.3km (Inside Nabadiganta), Total No. of Decorative Lampposts installed: 130 Nos. Fountain Installed: 4 Nos., Decorative Railing installed: 1.2 km, Plantation: More than 25000 saplings & almost 35 different types, Aesthetic Motifs: 5 Nos. & a special 450 meter decorated Garden opposite Nalban. Foot over bridges and gantries once put - up will help reducing accident. .....
  • Mobile Digital Media:Date:

    Enkon Digital Media is boast of having the first ever in kolkata LED Video Truck, mounted on hydraulic with 270 degree rotation faciligy. It has facility to run video content, Live telecast & DTH. Audio system will cover at least 1000 crowd. LED wall size 20ft x 7.5 ft. .....
  • Park Beautification:Date:

    The Park apart from imparting worldly knowledge to the children through various models like musical instruments crafted out of iron rods and LED lights and giant sized Ludo, Snake-ladder replicas is also equipped with toilet and First Aid facility for the visiting children.

    The layout design and illumination planning has been executed such that the Park wears a rich look during the evenings enhancing the character of its surroundings. Public Private Partnerships such as this need to be initiated at every municipality and government agency which collectively would radically transform the landscape of Kolkata as a city and attract visitors from other states and foreigner . .....
  • LED Directional Signage:Date:

    An esential street furniture.

    First of its kind featuring Amber LED based direction signs
    capable of showing multiple text and sings .

    Direction signs can be controlled by 3G network.

    Advertising through true colour LED panels.

    Prominently located before major junctions.

    Direction signs displays important informations on major
    buildings, administrative offices and landmarks apart from

    A piece of street furniture which has been crafted on digital principles with provision for advertising on true colour LED panels positioned strategically on either face of the signage. The towering design itself contributes to the spectacular visibility. The directional panels dynamically display route directions on a pre-scheduled pattern and is also equipped with 3G capability for data communication. Multiple such signs will be installed all over Kolkata. .....
  • FOB Bridge and LED Screen:Date:

    Prominently located on road connecting airport with City through the IT hub .

    Designed specially to match urban landscape and adaptable
    to escalator or elevator. Tubular structure to create modern

    Advertising through Giant true colour LED screen which is
    centrally controlled through broadband with surveillance system.
    First of its kind in India.

    The Foot over bridge is located at the approach road to the airport en route the biggest IT and ITES hub of the east. The sleek design with tubular structure matches with the urban landscape and is adaptable to elevator and escalator. The giant true colour LED screen complements the aesthetic of this street furniture which has a robust surveillance system to ensure round-the-clock security. First of it's kind in India in terms of unconventional design and elevation. .....
  • For A Winning Stride !!!:Date:

    Two to Tangoo ????

    Not really, we meant two awards were bagged by us this year in Outdoor Advertising Convention and Awards 2011. We were evaluated by the perspectives of distinguished and eminent personalities hailing from varied facet of arts and creativity constituting the jury panel. And here we are complimented with two major awards – Gold in the category of Zonal Media Owner - in the East and Bronze in the category of Best Format Innovation for New Media. Competition was stiff but our conviction was all the more undaunted.

    This has inspired us to evolve as a better media owner by the year creating unique innovations and land-marking media assets in a gamut of formats with infusion of digital technology which would not only distinguish us as a ?media owner with mind and might’ but would also earn us world – wide recognition among the advertisers and agency fraternity.

    Our heart-felt gratitude to every entity in OOH industry !!! .....

Welcome to ENKON GROUP

Enkon is one of the leading companies in Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising and Sign design Industry with Pan India presence.

We are operating out of Kolkata, Mumbai & Bhubaneswar and shortly we will be present in other cities covering the nation.

Our Media inventory comprises of more than 1000 billboards, Flag shape and Centre aligned Unipoles, Street furniture comprising Modular Bus queue shelters, road directional signs with advertising scopes, Gantry panels and public utilities such us Foot Bridge Panels, Branded Public toilets, advertising kiosks on Lamp poles etc. We are also offering unique branding spaces inside malls & multiplexes and also direct marketing opportunities within such properties. Mobile and innovative advertising is also within our scope.

We can provide Clients optimum reach and frequency with our strategically located media properties. We have also developed high quality advertising media.

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